Town of Clarence, Erie County,Industrial Development Agency

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2021 - 2013 8555 Transit Road Project (Niagara Produce)

8555 Transit Road Project (Niagara Produce) Refinance 2021

Burke Homes LLC

Burke Homes LLC Project 2021

JR Products Project

JR Products Project 2021

Seal and Design, Inc.

Seal & Design, Inc. (Installment Sale Only) 2021

APEX Acquisitions Associates LLC

APEX Acquitions Associates LLC Project 2020


Clarence IDA news

Posted June 17, 2021

Meeting Agenda for June

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Posted June 10, 2021

Meeting Notice for June 2021

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Posted October 11, 2018

Main Street Strategy-Action Plan and Market Analysis

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Areas of Interest

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Transit Rd. Corridor

Principal retail center, with major shopping centers

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Main St. Corridor

Divided into three distinct commercial areas.

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The Hollow

Featuring traditional neighborhood scale development.

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Business Park areas

Home to several small-to-medium sized business parks.

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