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Areas of Interest

Transit Road (NYS 78) Arterial (Commercial Enhancement Zone)

The east side of NY Route 78, or Transit Road, defines the eastern border of the Town, and is the principal retail center for the Town of Clarence, with major shopping centers like the Eastern Hills Mall, and a string of plazas and strip malls containing most national and regional retailers, as well as professional offices. It is well developed at the southern end, and many new businesses arriving at that location move into existing facilities.  There are, however, some vacant land, and adaptive reuse real estate opportunities still available along this the many miles of this busy thoroughfare.

Main St. (NY5) Arterial (Transit to Hollow)

Between Transit Road and The Hollow, Main St. is divided into four distinct commercial areas.
They are:

Transit to Westwood

This portion of Main St. has developed into an extension of the Major Arterial development of Transit Road. This commercial area features large-scale business operations, shopping plazas, professional office and premium automotive sales. Sidewalks exist within the entirety of this area.

Harris Hill (Westwood to Shimerville Rd.)

The second focus area on Main, Harris Hill hamlet, features traditional neighborhood scale development featuring a range of commercial facilities, such as: small scale plazas, office buildings, restaurants, neighborhood financial, medical and retail stores. There are several vacant land opportunities in this section of Main St., as well as some existing buildings available for adaptive reuse.

Central Main (Shimerville Rd. to Winding Lane)

The third and largest available area for commercial development along Rte. 5 in Clarence, Central Main features businesses sporadically placed throughout this long stretch of Main Street.   Larger pieces of land are available for development in this area, and present many opportunities for business location and expansion.

The Hollow (Winding Lane to Davison Rd.)

The Hollow hamlet, features traditional neighborhood scale development featuring a broad range of eclectic businesses, often family owned and operated. The Hollow features a rich history, and is believed to be the first proinent settlement in Erie County.
Today we see an increase of activity throughout The Hollow, a successful farmers market draws large crowds on the weekends during the summer months, along with a variety of fairs and other events yearlong at the Town Park  .A park and path system provides residents and visitors other recreation activities, and several restaurants see their tables filled on a regular basis. There is a large concentration of historically designated local landmarks in the Hollow.  A major redevelopment plan is in work to make the Hollow a more walkable community, and to enhance the historic charm of one of the oldest settlements in the region. This area presents may opportunities for new restaurants, specialty/gift shops, professional offices and other businesses that will benefit from "New Urbanism" redevelopment.

Clarence Business Parks

The Town of Clarence is home to several small-to-medium sized business parks, mainly concentrated in the southern (Wehrle Drive) and northern (County Road) extremes of the township.  These privately owned parks cater mainly to small/medium sized manufacturing enterprises, service businesses, and professional and research offices. There are not only ample available spaces for new businesses in these facilities, but new parks are continuously being developed.

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