Town of Clarence, Erie County,Industrial Development Agency

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Board of Directors

Town of Clarence, Erie County, Industrial Development Agency

The CIDA Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers appointed for a one year term by the Town Board of the Town of Clarence.

Board Directors & Officers

Christopher Kempton, CIDA Chairman

[email protected]

Clayton Ertel, Vice Chairman
[email protected]

David Schuster, Treasurer

[email protected] 

Mary Powell, Secretary
[email protected]

Elaine Wolfe

[email protected]


Counsel/Assistant secretary

Nathan Neill, Counsel/Assistant Secretary
[email protected]

Steven B. BengartCo-Assistant Secretary/Counsel
[email protected]

Lawrence M. MecklerCo-Assistant Secretary/Counsel
[email protected]


Paul Leone, Business Consultant/CEO
[email protected]

Kimberley Ignatowski, CFO
[email protected]

Mary Morris, PILOT Billing Administrator
[email protected]

Cynthia M. RoselAdministrative Assistant
[email protected]

Clarence IDA news

Posted February 1, 2018

The Clarence IDA has two openings for Board members.

The Clarence IDA is accepting applications for Board members-there are two openings available... more

Posted April 28, 2017


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Areas of Interest

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Transit Rd. Corridor

Principal retail center, with major shopping centers

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Main St. Corridor

Divided into three distinct commercial areas.

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The Hollow

Featuring traditional neighborhood scale development.

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Business Park areas

Home to several small-to-medium sized business parks.

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