Town of Clarence, Erie County,Industrial Development Agency

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Our Mission

To provide a high quality of life to the residents of the Town, by promoting, developing, encouraging, and assisting in the acquiring, constructing, reconstructing, improving, maintaining, equipping, and furnishing industrial, manufacturing, warehousing, commercial, research, and recreation facilities; through incentives; and thereby advancing the job opportunities, health, general prosperity, and economic welfare of the Town residents in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Programs & incentives

The Town of Clarence, Erie County, Industrial Development Agency (TCIDA) was formed as a public benefit corporation created by an act of the New York State Legislature to promote and assist private sector industrial and business development.

TCIDA has incentive programs for qualified companies that can reduce taxes and improve the bottom line for most types of business expansion or start-ups.

  • Industrial revenue bonds and leases
  • Local property tax abatement
  • Construction materials sales tax exemptions
  • Mortgage recording tax exemptions
  • Federal tax exempt revenue bonds
  • State and local property tax exemptions
  • Non-production equipment sales tax exemptions
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  • Areas of Interest

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    Transit Rd. Corridor

    Principal retail center, with major shopping centers

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    Main St. Corridor

    Divided into three distinct commercial areas.

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    The Hollow

    Featuring traditional neighborhood scale development.

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    Business Park areas

    Home to several small-to-medium sized business parks.

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